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To be born rich is a blessing but to be born smart is even bigger blessing. As a smart being, you can buy fake dollars within the USA to become richer than those born rich. Due to increase taxes in the country, the rich grow richer while the poor suffer. However, one can easily over come this by using fake money that looks real. When you visit a  counterfeit poppers online shop. You instantly change your standards of living. With the increase security on dollar bills, you need to be very careful as far as where you buy counterfeit money is concern. In producing fake dollar bills, we take into consideration all the necessary test that can be done. Thus if you buy counterfeit us dollars here you are safe.

Undetectable Fake Dollar Bills For Sale

Each currency has a particular way of coding to avoid reprints. Thus you should be able to identify real money. However with our knowledge we have been able to produce undetectable counterfeit dollar bills. That is to say the notes we produce will always pass the 8 main test usually carried out on fake money. This includes even the machine test. You can now buy undetectable counterfeit money online at very low cost and with minimum risk. However before purchasing the dollars in particular, make sure to check the following: Color-shifting ink, Watermark, Security thread with microprinting, ultraviolet glow, red and blue thread, blurry borders, raised printing, and lastly the serial numbers.

Each dollar bill has it’s own coding. Thus, the $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 have different codes. Also, The years of production have a role to play. So, if you are looking for where to buy fake dollars , then you are at a 100% secure and legit counterfeit money shop. Order Now.

How to Spot Fake or Quality Counterfeit Money – Dollar Bills

Hold the bill up to a light and look for a hologram showing an image which should match the face of the individual on the bill. If a $5 has been bleached and altered to to look like a $100 bill, for instance, the hologram will then display an image of Abraham Lincoln, who appears on $5 bills instead of Benjamin Franklin. Looking at the bill through a light also reveals a thin vertical strip containing text that spells out the bill’s denomination.

We have clients in the USA who buy our counterfeit money in bulk to resell. So below we are going to list 8 ways to spot or detect counterfeit dollar bills.

8 Ways To Check If Dollar Bills Are Fake

We have clients in the USA who buy our counterfeit money in bulk to resell. So below we are going to list 8 ways to spot or detect counterfeit dollar bills.

Color shifting Ink:
  1. Color Shifting Ink: Like we already mentioned above, the first thing you check is a bills denomination has color shifting ink. That is tilting the bill back and forth you see the numeral in the lower right hand corner shifting from black to green or from green to gold. This security feature holds except for the new $5 bills.
  2. Watermark: The watermark used on the new bills is actually a replica of the face on the bill. While on other notes, it’s just an oval spot. A bills watermark should be visible only when held up to light. It should be seen only on the right hand side of the bill. If the face on the bill is reprinted with higher values then it’s a fake. The worst case of bills are those without any watermark.
  3. Security thread with micro-printing: There is always a thread that runs from top to bottom on the face of dollar bills. It is located at the right of the portrait for $50 and $10 notes. While for the $100, $20 and $5 bills, it is to the left. All authentic bills have micro printing in this security thread. These are the micro-printed phrases as per bill. $5 – “USA FIVE”, $10 – “USA TEN”, $20 – “USA TWENTY”, $50 – “USA 50”, $100 – “USA 100”
  4. Ultraviolet Glow: Machine detection tools use ultraviolet glow as a clear way of detecting counterfeit money. The security thread mentioned above has different glows with respect to the bills under ultraviolet light. We have the following.
  • $5 glows blue
  • $10 glows orange
  • $20 glows green
  • $50 glows yellow
  • $100 glows red/pink

We also have factors like Red and Blue Threads, Blurry Borders and Raised Printing. These two can be checked with both eyes and fingers. However the last check should be:


8. Serial Number: Every bill has a letter that starts its serial number. This letter corresponds to a specific year. Producers usually mess it up in such a way that the letter does not correspond to the year printed on the bill. This is how they should match.

  • E = 2004
  • G = 2004A
  • I = 2006
  • J = 2009
  • L = 2009A

Now you know what you should be looking at when you want to buy counterfeit money that looks real. You also know how to detect these fake dollar bills. What you should have in mind is that the money we produce here covers all the above mentioned properties. So buy counterfeit euro or buy fake dollars from us and you will not regret or get into any trouble.

62 reviews for Fake Dollar Bills

  1. Tessy

    My first time to order since i lost my supplier and i think i’m making you the new regular. Good bills here my friends.

  2. Trevor

    2019 has not been easy for me but you saved from the streets. I now have a house thanks to your bills.

  3. Neville

    Great art here. The notes you sent me are appreciated everywhere.

  4. Lambo

    Your prices are good and your bills are good too but your customer service and payment methods are not the best.

  5. Mark

    it’s the third time i am buying yet not discount.

  6. Damain

    Received top class notes from this website.

  7. Kingsley

    Made history in NY yesterday. Impressed a lot of girls and now they are running after me.

  8. Calmer

    Please stay here for ever or at least till i have enough to buy my house. Your money is saving lives out there.

  9. Alice

    Bitcoin payment was so difficult to me. However you taught me a lot and then sent me money again. Now i’m getting your money and buying bitcoin and saving in my Blockchain.

  10. Rodney

    Good website guys i highly recommend them when it comes to Dollar bills.

  11. Nickie

    Paid for my training with your money lol. Most risky thing i have done in my life.

  12. Alvine

    I buy gas every week with your money. Thanks

  13. George

    I succeeded in exchanging $1000 within a week just in my small city. Lol i see riches coming my way.

  14. Catherine

    I submitted my order and immediately was contacted through whatsapp. We texted for some time and i paid through Western Union. Then they did not respond for a few hours and i thought my money was gone. I immediately dropped a bad review lol. Later they responded with a tracking number and i told them i will not take off that review till my package was delivered. So i am writing to update you guys. They are legit and i panic a lot. : )

  15. Don Dinero

    I buy these notes when ever a new batch is printed. I resell to make more money lol. #Streets

  16. Nelson

    Fast service and get rich quick. You all are the best.

  17. Frank

    Good website. I can’t give you 5 stars reason being you don’t take paypal. It’s a trusted payment system. However i appreciate your quality notes.

  18. Rachael

    Looks too good to be true lol. I am not buying shit.

  19. Donald

    A tip for you guys is “Join the dark web” . I enjoyed what you sent to me and i assure you will make more sales on the dark web.

  20. Courtney

    Your payment methods are not convincing to me. However i gave them a try guys and they delivered top notch notes to me. I appreciate.

  21. Sandrine C

    I only got this money to keep up with my bills. The notes helped me a lot and though i was scared of getting caught i had no other choice. These guys saved my family.

  22. Randy

    Legit website guys, I received the notes. They look good to me.

  23. Kruze

    Perfect dealer.

  24. Linda

    If these notes are fake why are you making them so expensive.

  25. D Castro

    They refused to send me any videos for reasons that did not make sense to me. However my friend who has been buying told me to pay for the order i submitted. I did and it is the best thing that happen to me this year.

  26. Mandela P

    Good notes, slow customer service. It took me a while to get response after paying for my order.

  27. Wizzy

    When i go to Las Vegas Clubs, they respect me as the big player. Thanks to your money.

  28. Bruno K

    Yes your notes are good. However i am just scared as you are not doing this on the darknet.

  29. Lincey D

    Saying this website is legit is an understatement. Everyone can send some fake bills but the quality of the bills is what we all are looking for. I received the best bills ever and now i understand why they say “real” counterfeit on their website name.

  30. Steve

    Thank you for the notes. Quality is good and my problem was just the pen test. That is what they used in my small city and it passed so i’m good to go.

  31. Jack

    I haven’t seen top notch notes in my life like the dollar bills i got here.

  32. Devlin

    I pulled up on my guys in a new ride and boom they all want to know my source. Thanks to you guys.

  33. Paulson

    Excellent work here. Your bills passed through the ATM and yes i’m rich for life. I just hope you supply me for ever.

  34. Steve

    This guys are the real deal. I got $1000 of their bills. I’m swapping them for real bills and so far it’s the best i have seen here in NY.

  35. Clarkson

    Placed my order yesterday night. I am hoping to get money within the week. Will update this review to let you all know how if it worked out well.

  36. Joan

    Easy to use website. I love it.

  37. Diana L

    I am a specialist if detecting fake bills. I carried out the 8 test i do on your notes and yes you guys are close to perfect. I will order every week. I feel so comfortable using your money.

  38. Blake

    Hi, I had to give this guys a try as the seemed so good on phone. I’m here to confirm that i got these bills and so far i have been able to use $500 from the $1000 i got. Notes are good quality.

  39. Clarkson

    I ordered on Tuesday and promised to give you updates right? Yes i received the money and from the look of things i will be ordering more. This website is super cool and the money too is top notch.

  40. Nina

    Good website.

  41. Thumpson G

    Received my order guys and the notes look perfect. I think for US dollar bills they are top notch. I have not ordered any Euros.

  42. Liam K

    I had to wait for a long time to get whatsapp respond after placing my order. However i enjoyed the customer service when they came online and also the notes are good.

  43. Brandon

    I don’t care what ever anyone says but one thing is i did not just receive these bills but i tried a $100 bill like they recommended and it passed the ATM. I’m buying to the moon.

  44. Derick

    I want to buy your bills but i don’t feel secured. My best friend got them already and i’m still watching to see if he gets into some trouble. If not then I’ll pay for my order.

  45. Gibson L

    Good money here guys. It did passed the ATM without any problem. I’m so getting rich this week.

  46. Brandy C

    Thank yo guys i got my note. The quality is better than all i ever had from previous suppliers.

  47. Tone

    I wanna see b4 I buy.. Buying blindly doesn’t sit right with me

  48. Tyrone

    Poor customer service

  49. Melanie L

    Payment methods are not the best. However thanks for sending me the bills.

  50. Paula Telly

    Order took 3 days to arrive. But the said it will be overnight.

  51. Gina LB

    Excellent work here. You guys are the best. I will order again when need be.

  52. Jacob

    I tried ordering , they take forever to text back or call on WhatsApp . I’m was a little suspicious but got good money at the end.

  53. AJ

    I am impressed with two things. The quality of the customer service and the quality of the money.

  54. Brittany

    Like one wise person said, it doesn’t matter how many time your lose the most important thing is that one time you start winning. I think i found my number one money making winning team. Thank you guys. Spent all my money without any prob. I’ll be coming for more to buy a new car 🙂

  55. Taylor Litchard

    This is against the law by my state so after i ordered i had some problems but however the helped me sort them out and i received the package.

  56. Byron Williams (verified owner)

    Cooooolllllllll. Best deal in a long time.

  57. Lucia

    They did not ship same day i ordered so i think they should refund the extra $$s i paid for overnight shipping. Apart from that it was great doing business with them.

  58. Maria

    The prices looked too good to be true for the quality of notes they claim to have. However i received nothing less than expected. Good money free money here guys.

  59. Jordan

    My regular supplier. I make more just by buying and selling. I don’t use this money myself i happen to be in Chicago where everyone needs such money. Keep my usual big bag bro

  60. Eric

    They said they accept cashapp payment but when i wanted to pay they redirected me to bitcoin on cashapp. I felt uncomfortable but it went well at then we are all happy.

  61. Lincoln

    Enjoying money i received. All good here

  62. Tammy d


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