Questions Customers Frequently Ask About Buying Counterfeit Money/questions frequntly ask

Q- Will you really send this money? One question frequntly ask

A- To be honest we always send but that should not move you. What you should be excited about is the quality of the bills we will supply you with.

Q-Where can i use this money?

A- The notes we print are top notch and the pass every ATM machine and pen test 100%. Therefore this money can be use everywhere. If the machines can’t detect this money then what of the naked eye.

Q- How long will i have to wait before i get my order?

A-We are based in the USA. Thus if you are within the United States or Canada then a maximum of 2 days before we deliver. However depending on every other location we can take a few days more especially for Australia.

Q- If i buy this money and i don’t use it immediately will if fade out?

A- Like any other paper currency, if you don’t handle it well it degrades. That is why even the government print new bills at times. So each time you get this money please use a maximum of 8 months to circulate it and get the original bills.

Q- Is it legal to buy fake money online?

A- NO. It is not legal to buy counterfeit money. However if you look at the government officials or the top rich guys in the city. You will understand this is part of the source of their wealth. However we are discrete and so should you be when using this money.

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questions frequntly ask